Building update. With my very own eyes.

So, we may have made a short visit to House By The Water at half past midnight, upon our arrival in Mandurah.  And it’s quite possible that we are averaging 3 site visits per day this week.  We are a tad excited.  We have a lot to catch up on and so do the builders.  The new construction plan is all go go go, aiming for handover before Christmas.

Here is the promised tour:

Front facade

Front facade






Stairs and hallway.


Entrance void



Living room.

Living room.


Looking towards the kitchen from the living room.

Master bedroom

Our bedroom.


Through the walk-in-robe to the bathroom.



Looking down into the living room.

Looking down into the living room.


The Second Little Pig’s bedroom.

Open living area.

Open living.

3 little pigs

The Three Little Pigs, squinting to preserve their anonymity.

Man hole

The Nice Wolf inspecting the man hole. I think it fits.

I added the above photos to this post this morning, but by my second visit to the site this afternoon more ceilings had been plastered and lots of the scaffolding was removed.  Woohoo!  So now you can really see the size of the living area, including the living room void and alfresco area which looks especially huge.

Canal side aspect of the house.

Canal side aspect.


Double height alfresco area.

Open living area.

Plastered ceiling, dining room

Plastered ceilings ground floor.

Plastered ceilings ground floor.

And for this week’s style dilemma, the stack stone that I selected almost 2 years ago for the feature column on the front facade is currently unavailable, so I needed to reselect.  I checked the options online and made a tentative selection, but for $14K worth of stone and the labour to install it, I thought it wise to see a sample.  Midland Brick in Mandurah stock Boral’s stone cladding and I went to inspect.  I’m so glad I did because the colours of the stone on my computer screen were completely different to the real samples.  That made me nervous so I decided to take a short list of samples around to the house for testing:

Online “Aspen” (left) was my first choice, but in reality there was too much orange.  So Echo Ridge (middle) and White Oak (right) were the last two contenders.  I’ve selected Echo Ridge, wanting a bit of dark contrast to the rest of our light grey pallet to break up the front facade with texture and colour.  My Mum (starring in the photos) likes White Oak the best which is very beachy, but slightly off my colour pallet of greys.


Oral “country ledgestone” in White Oak, Echo Ridge and Aspen.

That’s all for now.  My head is still a bit rattled by jet lag, too much excitement and a hectic week.

21 thoughts on “Building update. With my very own eyes.

  1. Paula Connelly says:

    Welcome to your beautiful new home!  It’s a stunner!  We are so happy for you.  Wonderful news that you might spend Christmas in House by the water. Lots of love and giant hugs,Paula and Mike

  2. Africadayz says:

    Jo, this is so exciting! I’m thrilled that you’re finally ‘home’ and on hand to oversee the final stages. The house is looking beautiful but still, to my building-jaded eyes, quite unfinished and I hope the contractors will be able to fulfil their ‘by Xmas’ promise. But with you right there and hopefully making several site visits a day, perhaps they’ll put in extra, extra effort. (Your bedroom has the most spectacular view!)

    • Thanks AD. It’s no wonder you have building-jaded eyes. There’s no back up plan if we don’t have keys before xmas, so I’ll be following progress (read, being a pest) very closely.

  3. trixee says:

    Congratulations and welcome home! Fingers crossed you will get handover by Christmas. Echo Ridge was my choice too, so I’m glad you went with that 😉
    Your house is going to be stunning – that bedroom! Those voids! The alfresco height is quite impressive I must say. And the library is quite a nice size I think. Can’t wait to see the finishing touches being put on.

  4. Hi Jo, the house looks amazing, I can understand the three visits a day! So exciting for you all! I like the White Oak too, but I agree the Echo Ridge will be nice for a bit of contrast. Your bedroom view is breathtaking, and I love the double height areas. Best of luck for the coming months 🙂

  5. Welcome home and what a fantastic home it’s going to be!
    I smiled to see Mr Wolf clutching a coffee – large flat white by chance?
    Looking forward to all your updates. Fingers crossed they do manage to finish to get you in for Christmas.

    • Mr Wolf likes a latte, Lunar. His new coffee machine is arriving this week. Can’t remember what he’s ordered but it received the aesthetic stamp of approval before he pressed “buy”.

      • Ooh please post a photo of Mr Wolf’s fancy coffee machine when it arrives. I think the Butler’s Pantry is going to be a rather large coffee station now. He has converted me back to the dark side, I’m back on coffee after being on green tea for 25 years. I do limit my intake of it though … so far!

  6. Looks fantastic, I have my fingers crossed for you to be in for Christmas . Your room has a fantastic view . Keen to,see it all come together . 😊😊

  7. Welcome home and you must have all been so excited going to see your new place for the first time. It is looking great job – very spacious and the views are to die for.
    I am sure you will find it much easier and less stressful keeping track of the progress from here.
    Fingers crossed for a Christmas handover.
    Ps I like the Echo Ridge

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