Keep out! Building progress.

It has been another action-packed week at House By The Water.  I can hardly keep up with the pace.  Most of the ground floor windows are in place.  It seems that the glazier had to wrestle with a few of them and the windows came out second best.

The arrival of the windows heralded the discovery of my first major addenda blooper….

Powder room door.

Clear glass powder room door.

A loo with a view?   Hmmm…  Not sure who’s bright idea a clear glass door beside the WC was, but it was certainly my error not to pick it up on the addenda.

The carpenters have been busy hanging doors, creating shelving in the linen cupboards and adding trim to the edges of the stairs and around the exposed edges on the suspended slab:

The stacking glass doors on the canal side are not ready, so the openings have been boarded up for now to provide some security to the indoors.  I’m sure it means we will be locked out any moment now:

Boarded up living area.

The boards have really altered the sense of space once again and I can get a feel for the size the rooms. They are not small.

The tiles have been delivered and a bath!   That was a “this is real” moment.


Yes, I’m taking pictures of the bath.

And last, but definitely not least, the whole site has been tidied up:

Site tidy.

Special thanks to the friendly tradie who made our site spick and span!

Off site, the Nice Wolf and I took a whirlwind tour of Perth and Fremantle.  In honour of my birthday, The Nice Wolf paid careful attention to The Best Places to shop in Western Australia and we covered as much ground as we could before serious furniture shopping burnout set in.  We got a few sofa quotes a long the way and added a few of our own destinations to the list including Eco Outdoor where we drooled over almost everything in store:

Other highlights were Empire Homewares’ warehouse and Shedwallah, both in Fremantle and both with some real treasures, new and old:

We made an exciting purchase, but it has to stay under wraps until one of the Little Pigs has a birthday.

Deliveries have been arriving by the minute, directly in proportion to the dropping of our bank balance:  curtains, light fittings, a very fancy coffee machine.

The Nice Wolf managed a successful drop of the lighting to the secret warehouse .  Can you believe that after all those dreadful warnings not to step out of light-labelling line, he forgot his appointment and arrived late?!!!  Goodness, I hope the warehouse staff were in a good mood today.

And just to squeeze in a little more out of our week, we hired a boat for an hour so we could motor past House By The Water three times see the sites of Mandurah:

Canal side view.

Canal side view.




18 thoughts on “Keep out! Building progress.

  1. trixee says:

    Lordy, you would think the loo door would have been picked up at prestart. Did you notice anyone giving you weird looks? 😉 You can probably get a tinted film put over it or something…
    Your boarding up looks a lot classier than ours was! Your progress is certainly good to see after all this time.
    Happy birthday, by the way. I hope you got yourself something beautiful.

    • Thanks Trixee. I can’t figure out how it happened, but I have a strange feeling we have discussed this before. If it wasn’t for your build, I would have been totally unprepared for the sight of the house all boarded up. Thanks for the birthday wishes – I got some lovely things for the house included two massive cray pots! More on those another time.

  2. Looks like they are getting stuck in Jo.
    My better half has informed me that even though you asked for clear glass it remains the builder’s legal obligation to construct in accordance with all legal requirements including in this case obscured glass or equivalent to bathroom toilet areas so the cost of compliance with the BCA rules should be borne by the builder. I am surprised it wasn’t picked up by the supervisor.
    Perhaps worth checking out?
    Looks great and the shopping spree sounded like lots of fun ☺

    • Noted! I popped into The Furniture Gallery too Deb. They cover so many styles. They had a bed that was very close to what I want, just a bit too big. I also went past Japingka Gallery but it wasn’t open. Have you seen the incredible black and white painting in their window? I’m guessing that it could be almost the cost of a new house….

  3. Shell says:

    Love it Jo
    Yr so funny !!! another crazy like me 🙂
    th amount of times iv sat on my vacant block i know all my neighbours I havent even got a slab lol 🙂
    cruised passed ours too and everyone elses 🙂 fingers cross within 2 weeks yah . Lov the outdoor couch was that eco ??? Looking at yr photos just seen my 1st blunder no broom cupboard in any linens woops 😦 they will hav to go outside not paying $750 variation for a broom:)

    • Hi Shell, My “broom cupboard” is actually not that well located, so I’m thinking I’ll hang a broom from a hook in the laundry. Might be an idea for you. Yes that couch is from Eco Outdoor. Perfect, hey?

  4. Africadayz says:

    Happy Birthday? Today? Yesterday?
    It’s looking great, Jo. Just a thought on the guest toilet door. We have glass doors on two upstairs en suite bathroom doors. I know it’s not the same as a guest toilet door as obviously the en suite doors open from an already private space. Even so, within a week of moving in, we felt we needed to give those bathrooms a little more privacy. I had seen very stylish ‘stickers’, for want of a better word, used in London and managed to find a site on line that does them here. I wish I knew how to post photographs in the ‘comment’ section. If I had an email address, I’d sent you some pictures. They have turned out very well and everyone thinks we’ve had the glass sandblasted. The company that did ours is called Window Art and if you google them, you’ll get the idea. There has to be a similar company near Mandurah.

    • Thank you Jacqui! I will check out Window Art. I have a few ideas too, but maybe it won’t be necessary and the builders may be required to provide obscured glass.

  5. Looking fab Jo 🙂 It never ceases to amaze me that these builders don’t pick up on things like your clear glass in the toilet – they build houses and go through people’s selections every single day, thousands of times over. Disappointing but unfortunately all too common. Definitely not your fault!! This is why you pay them so much money, because they’re supposed to be the experts. (All right, rant over.) Can’t wait to see what you bought. I must make a trip down to Freo to (window) shop… looks like they have some amazing shops down there 🙂

    • Yes Carmlas, rant away. Basically, if left as it is, the builders will be handing over an unusable room. Sigh…. It would be nice if they took the initiative to sort it out.

    • The “kerb appeal” is as I expected at this stage, Lunar. Desperately needing landscaping to soften the harsh boxy shape. Hopefully this time next year it will be looking just right.

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