Racing season for builders.

Melbourne Cup?  Pffft.  All eyes in our household are on a different race.  It’s the race between our builders and the clock.  December 4th:  Practical Completion Inspection.  December 18th:  Keys to House By The Water.

Some punters don’t believe it will be done, but after the new pace set in October, I am backing Webb and Brown-Neaves.  I’m literally backing them.  I’ve booked short term accommodation until December 18th, not a day later.  We all know what happens after December 18th.  Nada!  Building industry shut down.

So what has been done this week?

Well, we have a new sign:

Webb and Brown-Neaves sign

Webb and Brown-Neaves upstaging our new letterbox.

And we have a new bill.  The so-called “lock up” stage has been reached with boards in place of many of the windows.  Several  windows are missing, some were broken during installation.

Lock up.

Lock up, sort of.

Our friendly tradie, who cleaned up the site last week, has laid some bricks to hide the pipe that drains rain water into the canal:

Bricked over pipe

Small steps this week.

One bath has been set in position and the plumber has the bathrooms all ready for tiles:


Bath in position.

The tiles and grout have been delivered, so there’s only one thing missing….. the tiler.

Come on, tiler!   Please be at our house tomorrow.


11 thoughts on “Racing season for builders.

  1. trixee says:

    You have a date! That’s like 2 weeks after us! So cool. It’s looking very promising. I really hope they come through for you. I just wish they could work this hard all year round, and not just at the end!

  2. Sarah says:

    I love the nerve of the ‘lock up’ invoice without the house being secured in a permanent way! We had the same – 5 panes of glass missing when invoice received. This week we received the tiling bill and I don’t consider the tiling complete….. Best of luck with 18/12!

    • Thanks Tom. Apparently our tiler will now start on Monday and I think he’ll take about 3 weeks. I shall be posting pictures of the work! I imagine it could be tough finding trades at this time of year.

  3. Looks like you cracked the whip and it’s all hands on deck at HBTW. Great to see lots of action Joh. Very exciting and what a fabulous Christmas it will be in your beautiful new house😄

    • Thanks Sheilzy. You would have been mad with the lack of work last week – 5 days for one small piece of brick work and one panel of glass. We really need multiple trades at work all the time now until handover to get it done.

  4. Miranda says:

    I’m so nervous for you Jo! Fingers crossed!
    At this stage, each step is more exciting than the last. I hope you’re able to enjoy it a bit, despite the worries about timing.

    • Thanks Miranda. I don’t dare think of them being any later than they already are. I’m already onto my second “short term accommodation” rental and the current one is not available to extend our stay. I hope they have a back up plan, I’ve already used mine. My new job is keeping me distracted.

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