The end of my two year spending hiatus.

Dear Nice Wolf,

Don’t bother to read this post.  It’s not really your thing.  Mostly about interiors.  I’ll send you some pictures of building progress very soon.

Love,  Me.

Okay, readers.  Just between you and me, it’s possible that I’ve spent more on shopping in the last 6 weeks than I did in the whole two years prior to that.  There wasn’t a lot to tempt me in Brazil and anything of interest was exorbitantly priced.  So I’ve been patiently planning for two years and refining my interiors style.  We’re calling it “modern Australian with a touch of earthiness” or “surf and turf” for short.  Well now I’m home and we are on the countdown until House By The Water is ready for occupation.  We’ve had a run of birthdays and, yes, the mother father of all consumer events is just around the corner, so some rather lovely things have been purchased.  I’ve been buying only things that fit with the mood boards I’ve created for each room.  Here’s some highlights:

Living room:

Cray pots!

Cray pots.

West Australian cray pots.

The Nice Wolf sourced these locally for my birthday.  They are the real deal.  The man who made them thought it was such a waste to use them for lighting when they could be catching crayfish.  They have so much character and a lot of weight.  I plan to age them in the weather a bit, then hope they’ll bring a relaxed, natural vibe to our house.

Living area mood board.

Living area mood board

I got some sofa quotes, but I’m not entirely happy yet, so I think I’ll extend the search.  My dream was an Australian-made linen sofa, but practicalities (read: removable covers) lead me to look at the Lazy Time sofa.  Its fabric is mixed, with only a small percentage of linen and the sample fabric I chose in the show room is not quite right:

Sofa fabric mood board.

I’m luke warm on the sofa fabric.

Girl’s Room.

The First Little Pig turned 11 and, with  strong reader encouragement, we gave her a hanging chair:

Hanging chair.

Hanging chair, snaffled up at Empire Homewares in Freo. The shipping cost of these from the East was putting me off. Cushion by Kip and Co. from Frisky Deer Interiors + Cafe.

Tween room mood board.

Book worm heaven in a hanging chair.

Master Bedroom

After 20+ years on the same mattress and 15+ on a homemade, rickety bed, we are upgrading.  I’ve been researching beds for the past year and had my eye on several Australian-made options.  I like very plain, blond coloured timber, with the focus on a comfortable backrest for my breakfasts in bed!  My shortlist of beds did not include any beds stocked in Western Australia so I went in search of a bed that didn’t come with shipping costs.  What do you think of this one?

Iris Dune bed

Iris Dune bed from Snooze. Aussie made.

I love the way it appears to float off the floor.   I haven’t bought it yet.  I don’t want to peak too early with my purchases and have to deal with moving lots of  furniture when our floors are installed.  I did, however, buy some linen sheets to celebrate my first pay cheque for my new job.

So the master bedroom mood board has morphed to something like this:

Master bedroom mood board.

Curtains, rug, bedding, art, lighting, chair – all accounted for.

I’ve a few other items that cannot yet be revealed.  I’m finding it useful to shop with the mood boards in mind, helping me stick to the big picture and to make quick decisions.

At House By The Water this week, I’m actually locked out – not just for accounting purposes.  Of course, it’s cramping my photo-taking style.  The internal painting is in full swing, and thank goodness there is some tiling started.  The tiler is also working on our stacked stone cladding which seems to be a case of “don’t rush the artist”.  It’s certainly an art fitting all the pieces together while trying to balance out the different colours and shapes to give the illusion that it’s all random.

Stacked stone cladding.

Boral’s Country Ledgestone in Echo Ridge.


21 thoughts on “The end of my two year spending hiatus.

  1. trixee says:

    I haven’t dared started shopping yet!
    What a gorgeous bed frame, and I also love the bedsides it comes with.
    I didn’t realise the stacked stone was actually stacked in situ, I kind of thought it came in sheets, like a mosaic. Yes, I know, attack of the stupids.

    • Not stupid at all! Some of the cheep and cheerful ones come in sheets but they do look more cheep than cheerful, particularly at the corners and around the edges. These look great Johanne!! Xx

      • trixee says:

        Oh that makes me feel a lot better, thank you! 🙂 I agree, these look miles better than the cheap & cheerful ones!

    • Good restraint Trixee! I blame Archetto for my recent spend in Adairs! Boral also has the stone sheets you mention, but I don’t like them as much. Those bedsides have got darker wood on the table surface giving them a two-toned wood look, that I’m not keen on. Bedsides nearly cost as much as the bed too – crazy!

      • trixee says:

        Haha, you know, I too dropped into Adairs the other day. Archetto has a lot to answer for 😉
        Yes bedsides are like chairs, I’m always surprised at how much more they cost than I think they ought to!

  2. Africadayz says:

    Wow, Jo. I love your mood boards. If you pull them all together you’re going to have a spectacular home. I especially love the lobster pot/baskets. I have an absolute thing about basketwork and those are so unique.

    • Thank you Jacqui. I hope to at least pull off some of the rooms. Our master bed room will have a relatively clean slate to work with as we are passing all our old furniture onto the kids. Let’s hope we still love those cray pots after we try to hang them – they are very heavy.

  3. I don’t think you are really trying all that hard Johanne! Let me know when you have all three credit cards maxed out, then I’ll be impressed. 😉
    In all seriousness it can be surprisingly slow to spend money sometimes, we’ve been looking for a dining table and chairs since we moved in and haven’t found it yet. When you know you are likely to have it for the next 20+ years…

    The snooze bed looks good in your mood board. Spend! Spend!

  4. Sarah says:

    Love the bed! Buy it, buy it! I’ve loosened the purse strings a tad too – new couch, new dining table and chairs, and even found a gorgeous shop just down the road from me ‘Merchants of Swanbourne’ (think tableware and giftshop) where I may have acquired quite a few trays, trivets, placemats etc.

  5. I’ve been ooohing and aaaaaring whilst looking at your post Jo – just gorgeous!!!
    It doesn’t take long to max out those credit cards here as there is some beautiful furniture and homewares around.
    Love the bed – buy it!
    A lot of places will hold your goods for a few months and quite often there will be a wait on sofas etc (I think we had 12 wks on ours whilst it was made).
    I would love a hanging chair but I can’t quite persaude my better half that we need more ‘stuff’.
    I can’t wait to see the end result ☺☺

      • Hi Johanne, I was thrilled to find it! We also picked up a couple of stocking fillers. I loved it so much I did a little feature post on it today! Lovely place, did you know they are opening late next Wednesday? That whole row of shops is open till 8!

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