…She’s making a list, checking it twice…

Kitchen splash back.It seems to be the done thing to start writing lists at this stage of the build.  I’ve been postponing my list writing for fear of what I might find.  But here it is, out in the open, for all of you to tut about how it’s not possible to do all those things in just two weeks, before the builders shut down for a long break.

To do:

  1. Finish interior tiles: powder room, splash back, laundry chute/bath surround.
  2. Exterior texture (nearly finished).
  3. Stacked stone feature (started).
  4. Render, waterproof, texture planter boxes and retaining walls (started).
  5. Paint walls (started).
  6. Install balustrade.
  7. Plumbing finals, installation sinks, taps, toilets.
  8. Electrical finals, install light fittings (started).
  9. Phone/future link finals.
  10. Shower screens and mirrors.
  11. Robes (started).
  12. Door hardware.
  13. Manhole.
  14. Stacker doors, front door.
  15. Flyscreens.
  16. Garage door.
  17. Install appliances (started).
  18. Insulation.
  19. House clean.

I started the list last weekend, and although it seems like there has been plenty of activity at House By The Water, the list looks fairly unscathed.

As I am a “glass half full” kind of person, here is my list of items that were completed this week.


  • Balustrade measured up and a new balustrade finish negotiated to avoid availability of product delays.
  • Splash back tiled and grouted.  Looking very lovely, if I do say so.

    Scullery tile and bench

    Masia Gris Claro tile and Alpine Mist Caesarstone.

  • Bathroom and ensuite tiles grouted.
  • Powder room floor problem # 4 (some tiles in the series darker than the rest) resolved by creating a new pattern.

    Powder room tiles.

    Powder room tiles.

  • Robe areas painted.

    Solver Kitty Grey. Purrfect.

    Solver Kitty Grey. Purrfect.

  • Stacker doors installed.
  • Appliances, sinks and toilets delivered.  Ovens installed.
  • Downlights, some pendant lights, smoke alarms and power outlets fitted.

    Vintage LED pendant.

    One of the void pendants. Cray pot to be added later.

  • Robes started.
  • Stacked stone progressed.
  • Front door delivered.

All considered, I’m pronouncing it a good, productive week at House By The Water.  Stay tuned for the big week of painting ahead.


14 thoughts on “…She’s making a list, checking it twice…

  1. Judy says:

    Kitty grey looking good – Hope you are happy with it😄 we were in a similar position last year and it is amazing what can be done in a short period! But must admit it was February before we moved in but managed an Australia Day party! Fingers crossed for you anyway 😄😄

    • Judy, I’m really happy with the Kitty Grey. In reality, I don’t see the brown/beige tinge that I see in the photos. We plan to test out those ovens with Christmas lunch, so let’s hope this pace keeps up.

  2. trixee says:

    I do believe it’s looking very positive! You don’t have many dependencies – for us it was the plumber, he wanted to have certain things done before he could do stuff, but all your stone and splashbacks are in. And looking mighty fine if I may say, that splashback paired with the caesarstone is a thing of beauty. Fingers crossed your list sees many strikethroughs this week!

  3. Lydia says:

    No flooring on your list?
    Are you still moving in in 13 days?
    Good luck & from personal experience I wouldn’t move in until you have gone over everything with a fine-tooth comb.
    The last few weeks of a build seem to go forever!

    • Flooring is post-handover Lydia. We had hoped to do it before we moved in, but that plan was made when we thought handover would be the start of October. Floors will have to be laid around us now. (Fortunately most of our furniture is still on a ship in the middle of an ocean.) We will be getting the inspector in to help us with the fine-tooth comb, but we will need to come to an agreement with the builders about any fixes required because we want to move in before Christmas.

      • Lydia says:

        I cannot wait to see pictures of your house completed and furnished and decorated, but I’ll be sad when your blog is over. I’ve so enjoyed reading it. I hope you have time to keep it up when you’re back at work xx

  4. What a view! My sorta post 👍 All coming together and looking fantastic. The cabinet colours and materials are of particular interest to us as we are still having a hard time deciding! Good luck with getting it all sorted before new year 😊

  5. Africadayz says:

    It’s looking great Jo. Love your stacking doors. We have them on our (much smaller) patio/veranda area and are so enjoying them. We moved in without a balustrade and with one flight of stairs that ‘floats’, it was quite precarious. But we don’t have young children… The balustrades only arrived about 2 months later and since then, one side of the upper flight has had to be redone twice because of height discrepancy and we’re still waiting for them to get it right. Have more or less given up on it’s being done before Xmas. This country is already in holiday mode and shutting down…

  6. Fingers crossed they can smash through that list for you and get over the finish line, everything is looking beautiful! 🙂 I am desperately hoping our builders don’t shut up shop early we have everything hanging on signing our building contract before Christmas so we don’t miss out on the full first homebuyers grant…. so nerve wracking. I can’t wait until we are at the stage you are at it all still seems so surreal atm lol.

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