Would you let your husband choose tiles? Alone?

Note from wife sign.

Photo source: unknown.

Up until this week The Nice Wolf (a.k.a. husband) has been too busy to get involved in the minor details of House By The Water.  He’s left all the interior decisions to me and many of the other decisions too.  An ideal situation, as far as I’m concerned.  Well, The Nice Wolf is now on holidays and has been busying himself with thoughts of reticulation, hanging cray pots from the ceiling, cobblestones and many other future DIY projects.  He’s been popping past House By The Water to act as liaison between myself and our landscapers and to submit a daily report on the head count of tradespeople on site.

And yes, he had to bring a note from his wife in order to make a tile selection.

Pool tiles.

Pool tile samples were duly brought home for my approval.

More about that head count.  It has been exceptionally high this week.  Webb and Brown-Neaves and related contractors have been pulling out all stops in order to get the keys to us next week.  On top of that, our landscapers, Tim Davies Landscaping, have started work.

Here is just some of what has been happening:

The lights were installed:

The painters have been inside and Kitty Grey is looking very pretty:

The tiling and stonework is just about finished:

The robes were installed:

Sinks, tapware, shower screens and mirrors (not shown) were installed:

Work on the deck began:

Jarrah decking.

Deck in progress.

Behind the scenes we’ve been booking in the wood fire and floor installers, connecting the internet and phone and ordering the council-supplied bins.  In a very pleasant twist of events, we received a variation notice from the builders giving us an $11.5K credit for site works.  Yep, you read it correctly.  Credit.  Yippee!   (Skipping all the way to the cobblestone shop….)

Looks like I’d better start chilling that wine.

11 thoughts on “Would you let your husband choose tiles? Alone?

  1. Africadayz says:

    Just love that photo about the tiles and husband needing a note… The house is looking fabulous, Jo. I particularly like your stair lights and of course, your pendant looks beautiful. I do believe those keys will be in your hand this time next week. (Jacqui – Home in the Making)

  2. Thank you Jacqui. What a exponential change in pace we’ve had. Suddenly there is just a week to go. Like you, we will be living in a construction zone for quite some time, but it’s hardly going to be “roughing it”. (Another Aussie expression for your collection.)

  3. trixee says:

    Wow, it sounds like your site is rocking hard – is there lots of loud music being played too? Your Coco Flip pendant is stunning. And the powder room tiles are ever so lovely. Just gorgeous. Do you know who the contractor was for the robe fitouts?

    • Trixee, no loud music, thankfully. I like to stay friendly with neighbors. I think the robes are my Uzit. Nothing fancy but perfectly adequate. Size of WIR can double as spare bedroom.

  4. Miranda says:

    Everything is looking amazing. I think my favourites so far are your Coco Flip pendant and your splashback. The paint colour looks great too.
    Good luck!

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