Keys Please, Webb and Brown-Neaves.

Three Kids at sunset.

Three Little Pigs, toasting the new house with “kids’ champagne” and pizza.

At 9 am yesterday, The Nice Wolf received keys from our site supervisor for our new home.  In a slightly non-traditional ending to the fairy tale, we had a pseudo pre-handover inspection and handover all in one.  That means that there are a few items still to be completed by the builders but we are able to move in.  Full credit to the builders and all their associated tradespeople for working their butts off for the past 2 months in order to deliver our house before their Christmas break.

This last week saw some crucial elements added to House By The Water.  Balustrading, toilets (phew!) and, just in the nick of time, gas, or more significantly, hot water.  As a bonus, our landscapers finished our deck and made a good start on the pool fencing.

So here we are, completely exhausted and thoroughly happy.  What other way is there to celebrate than with good champagne (thank you Webb and Brown-Neaves) and pizza on the deck?  We had a great evening, with many small boats cruising the canals to view the local Christmas lights.  All the boaters were in a Friday, festive mood, waving at us as they went by.

Today, the littlest pig turned 6 and was very happy to be served breakfast in bed on a mattress on the floor.  There has been a steady stream of tradies and we’ve been erecting some makeshift curtains.  We’ve been vacuuming concrete dust and laying down plastic drop sheets in a probably vain attempt to minimise the dust until our timber floors are laid.  We’ve been unpacking a few bits and pieces and received our new mattress.  Basically, our work is just beginning.

I will post lots of photos soon.  I just wanted to check in today and say, we’re in!


Ensuite at night.


22 thoughts on “Keys Please, Webb and Brown-Neaves.

  1. John Hayes says:

    Great to hear that you have moved in, although from your comments the house doesn’t appear to be “finished” if there are still floors to be laid!

    Anyway, good luck with your new home ­ it has been interesting to hear about the trials and tribulations along the way ­ but the dream is now real.

    Wishing you all a Happy Christmas and New Year.

    • Thank you John and Gill. John, you are the winner of the Guess the Handover Date competition, being 6 days out. Are you going to collect your prize? Or I can post to Melbourne or the U.K. Red or white bubbles preferred? Happy New Year to us all.

  2. Congratulations Jo! Enjoy this special time with the family! It is a very trying time but well worth the effort. Your house is looking amazing and can’t wait to see more pictures.

    We finally got our keys 2 weeks ago and the tradies are still coming through to fix things. It still feels very much like a construction site. Nevertheless, happy to have the keys and to finally move in.

    • Thanks Sydfam. Tradies mean progress! It will be a month or two of high tradie traffic for us too. Most of all, I can’t wait for our timber floors to be in. We have dust everywhere.

  3. joan55555 says:

    Thank you for hours of entertains reading, I’ve loved it splinters and all. We need a refresher on who picked the date…. Was it John? It wasn’t me but we will byo some bubbles and enjoy your beautiful place asap.

  4. Congratulations Johanne!
    I’m so pleased that you did get in before Christmas.
    I look forward to seeing more photos once you are happily settled.

    Happy Christmas!

  5. Rita says:

    Hi Johanne

    Delighted to read that you are in and I will come by when I am next in Mandurah, after all I was there from the very beginnings, so I am dying to see the finished results. Will message you in the New Year and make a time!! Until then enjoy…

    Merry Christmas you and yours…
    Rita xx

    • Rita, it will be lovely to see you. I thought of you over Christmas as we were happily cooking with our two ovens. One of the comments made by our inspector on our PCI inspection was how few variations we had to our plans compared to usual. Thanks to all your patience and persistence before we settled on our plans and contract. Happy New Year to you!

  6. Miranda says:

    Congratulations! Well done for all your hard work in getting it to this point and good luck for the work to come!
    Hope you have a lovely Christmas in your new house.

    • Thanks Miranda. We are still pinching ourselves daily about how luxurious our new home is, and we still don’t have floors and window dressings! I hope you are enjoying your pool and the cricket!

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