Jetty Christmas!

Santa on the canals.

Santa delivers lollies on Christmas Eve.

In the scheme of things, I thought that a jetty was low priority.  After all, we don’t actually have a boat.  But The Nice Wolf had other ideas and last week the Jetty Man motored up to House By The Water, drilled in a couple of poles and attached a brand new jetty.  Just like that!

The Three Little Pigs watched the jetty poles go in.

The Three Little Pigs watched the jetty poles go in.  Jetty by West Coast Jetties.

The Nice Wolf paid attention to the functionality of our jetty design, I oversaw the aesthetics and I am rather pleased with the result.  An unexpected bonus of the jetty is that it visually extends our “back yard”.  Suddenly our canal side area seems so much larger.  The jetty has been well used already:  breakfast while dangling feet over the water and many boating guests, including Santa, a previously anonymous blog reader and some new neighbours who welcomed us with a gift of champagne!  Plus, there has been plenty of shenanigans on our kayaks and the Three Little Pigs’ Christmas gift, a blow up paddle board/windsurfer.

Another highlight of the week was the installation of our cray pot pendants.    They are not quite finished yet, but already I love them, especially at night.

Christmas baking provided a good test for our ovens and kitchen space.  Pavlova?  Check!  3.5 kg salmon?  Check!  2 adults cooking at once?  No problem.


Kitchen in use.

Kitchen crowd.

Boxing Day kitchen crowd.

Guess The Handover Date Competition.

Congratulations to John!  John guessed December 24th would be the day we received keys to House By The Water, 6 days later than our actual handover day.  A good bottle of West Australian bubbly is  available for collection or delivery.  Thanks to all blog readers who joined in with this competition.

7 thoughts on “Jetty Christmas!

  1. Suzanne Sheehy says:

    Hi Johanne,

    Have loved following your blog, even chose the same tiles for the kitchen splash back after visiting the WBN display home in Karrinyup that you mentioned in an earlier post. So happy with it and love yours, the only thing is I have chipped a small bit off one tile edge, behind the cook top, but nobody would ever notice, will just have to be more careful with pots etc.

    Old kitchen: [image1.jpeg]

    New kitchen: [image2.jpeg]


    Enjoy the new year in your new home, keep the pictures coming. 🙂

    • Thank you Suzanne! I love our tiles. Thanks for the warning about chipping. Unfortunately your photos didn’t upload because I’d love to see your kitchen. (Sorry, I don’t know how to upload photos to comments. Links seem to work OK though.) I look forward to posting lots more photos as we get organised and especially once our timber floors are laid.

  2. May says:

    Looks fantastic Jo and Igor, can’t wait to see you new place once we are back home from hols in Feb. Merry Christmas to you all xxx

    • Thanks May. Igor should be around in the middle of Feb, so I hope your return coincides with that. Either way, I look forward to giving you a tour and a drink. xxx

  3. joan55555 says:

    You have painted a lovely picture of summer holidays by the water. It all looks beautiful. I’m pleased the Aussie bunting found the perfect spot. Mum x

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