Never without a hitch. 

Good news first.

Doesn’t our kitchen look swish?


House By The Water kitchen.  I think I might “pin” that.

I glammed the house up a bit with some greenery in honour of my Mum’s visit and the return of The Three Little Pigs from holidays with grandparents.

Kids' bathroom.

The Little Pigs’ wash trough, with maiden hair fern sitting atop the laundry chute.

girls room

Christmas gifts for our 11 year old pig included an Armadillo & Co rug and bedding from Adairs. Furniture still in transit.

The fireplace saga….

 Round one of fireplace saga took place a year ago, I won’t bore you with the details.  Round two of fireplace saga started with us collecting our fireplace from storage last month to find that we only had 4 metres of flue.  No good for a 6+metre building.  A few extra days and we soon had some extra flue.  Next, the fan kit for the heater ($750) was nowhere to be found.  Storage upturned and triple checked, supplier contacted and no evidence that it was delivered or not.  Nice Wolf huffing and puffing (enough to circulate heat around house). No chance of paying for another.  Fireplace installer and supplier both agree that fan is not necessary.  Fireplace installed without fan and with a frame that’s sort of just hanging loosely off the wall….

Moving on.


A quick rush to get the driveway concreted before the timber floors were to be finished.  The aim was to have an access point to the house that doesn’t involve traipsing through sand.  A couple of quotes later and a bobcat was ploughing sand out of our front yard.  Well worth the $300 + clean fill when compared to the hours of digging that would be the alternative.  I’d never have thought we’d have 3 truckloads of sand/dirt to clear.  All was going well until a little water spring appeared from the water meter.  “It was already leaking.  Can’t you tell by the green grass around it?”  “Fair enough”, I said, wondering if there was also a leak from our letterbox which also has a green patch of grass.

I supplied the concrete contractor with a copy of council’s requirements for driveways, but thought that this should be old hat for any local concreter.  If you follow council’s requirements, they’ll reimburse you for some of the cost of the “crossover”.  Well, they almost got it right.  No expansion joint at our property boundary….maybe I should get them to come back?   Maybe it’s too late.

concrete driveway

The base for our future cobblestone driveway.

Our window shutters were due to be installed mid January.  When I inquired about progress last week I was told there was a “slight delay” of a few more weeks due to one of the shutters being unusually small.  Hmmm…..

Our timber floors are currently having “a rest” before being sanded and finished.  The blackbutt stairs and our curved void area are quite impressive.

 So, there you have it.  Progress, albeit with hitches.

Coming up:

  • Tree farms.
  • Floor finishing, I hope!
  • The return of our furniture.
  • How are the builders tracking with the pre-handover list?
  • And, you never know your luck, a pool before winter?

13 thoughts on “Never without a hitch. 

  1. First things first, yes, your kitchen is AMAZING! And the Blackbutt is beautiful. Your daughter is one lucky girl to receive an Armadillo rug for Xmas! It goes perfectly with the Blackbutt and the kitty grey paint, of course.
    Shame about the delay with the shutters! But I’m sure they will be worth the wait.
    Looking forward to more photos. 🙂

  2. It’s looking amazing!!! Floors and stairs look fantastic! Kitchen gorgeous.
    I’d be pretty pee-ed off about that fire place too. Grrrr.
    Looking forward to Mum’s report on her recent visit.
    See it in 6 weeks! Yay!!! xxx

  3. Lydia says:

    Kitchen – Amazing. You will never tire of that view. I’m in love with the splashback.
    I’m googling properties for sale in Mandurah as I type, I’m over the view of trampoline, swing set and sand pit from my kitchen!

    Floors – Stunning.

    Fireplace – you don’t NEED a fan…IF you don’t need the room heated any further than 1m from the fireplace (Presumably you won’t in WA). I say from experience having grown up with a wood fire as the only source of heating in my parent’s house in Hobart (first an open fire, then a coonara, then a one with a fan). Not enough time has passed for me to get nostalgic enough to install one at home!

    Am I right in thinking that the supplier hasn’t reimbursed you for the “missing” fan? That sucks majorly. Not much incentive for them to work out what happened if they’re hanging on to your $750 😡

    These last bits always seem to take the longest. Will be wonderful when you have your furniture and you can make it your “home”.


    • Lydia, I think you’d better come for a visit! Place next door is for sale. Apparently fan can be added easily at a later date if we need it. And yes, $750 gone up in smoke. 🤑🔥

  4. Lydia says:

    Just re-read you old fireplace post and had a thought that are the people who say you now don’t need a fan are the same ones that told you that you did last year? Fishy!

  5. Africadayz says:

    It all sounds horribly familiar to me. Still trying to tie up loose ends here… But, in the meantime, it is looking absolutely lovely.

  6. joan55555 says:

    Dear Readers, I can confirm that the three little pigs’ house is absolutely stunning. The scullery is to the left in the kitchen pic and is really another whole kitchen. Drawers and cupboards are excellent, no more squatting to drag things out of bottom shelves. Scullery window creates lovely light….. All beautiful. Little Pigs enjoying putting washing down the Shute. Dining on the canal deck , under a huge craypot is rather special too.

  7. Bruna Evans says:

    All looking fab, Jo. Well done & how exciting to be reaping the rewards after all those decisions. Love the natural wood, light & views. Bruna

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