Timber floors and suddenly it feels like home.

At times it seems like jobs will never end, but after 6 weeks our timber floors were finally finished.   

living room timber floor.

Living room. I hope the floors distract you from the kerbside couch that has survived too many moves.

 Life has hit crazy-busy levels over the past couple of weeks, but my current favourite past time is to find a little corner of the house to put right. 


Blackbutt stairs.

A happy corner.

 We moved in some old pieces of furniture that were in storage for years.  The rest of our belongings arrive this Friday so we’ve been madly trying to make some room in our garage for access to the house and for the inevitable items that won’t be unpacked. 

Landscaping is moving at snails pace.  Over the past two months the landscapers have removed the pool scaffolding and rendered around the top of the pool.  Full stop.  I’d better start cracking the whip if we want it to be ready before next Summer.  

concrete pool

Hurry up, landscapers.

 The Nice Wolf has been working on a jetty-style entrance.   The idea was to reduce sand entry to the house as soon as possible.  

creating a jarrah  

Jarrah entrance.

Like most things around here, work in progress. Our front door is yet to be replaced.

22 thoughts on “Timber floors and suddenly it feels like home.

  1. I’m up at 12:30am finishing off a uni assignment (a summer short course) so I hear you about being crazy busy! I thought summer was meant to be relaxing, sheesh.

    The timber floors look sharp – the stairwell and trimmed steps in particular. Hope you guys are feeling a little more settled in every day.

    • Thanks Steph! It’s starting to feel homely. We are looking forward to Friday and furniture. I’ve been keeping up with your blog but haven’t been able to comment since I’ve been laptopless. ๐Ÿ˜ฉ. Can’t remember my login.

  2. Sarah says:

    Looking beautiful. Only on Perth would you find someone building a timber entrance deck in thongs! We move tomorrow after a mad week of carpet and curtains. Wish us luck !

  3. It is looking lovely Jo.
    It always seems to be hectic for the first few months and then things slow down and you get to sit back and enjoy.
    That pool area is going to look amazing!!

  4. trixee says:

    Love a jetty style entrance, good work nice wolf! Happy to see you putting your finishing touches in those corners, sounds like fun. We’re stuck with our old furniture for a while yet.

  5. Things are looking great! I love that decking entry path, such a great idea ๐Ÿ™‚ Crossing my fingers your pool get’s finished here soon… we are about to break ground on our pool coming this Spring :0

  6. Miranda says:

    Your timber floors look so beautiful! Congratulations!
    As for the landscapers, if you figure out how to get them moving, can you let me know? We’ve had two Christmases come and go since we were promised it would definitely all be finished by Christmas…

  7. Beng says:

    Hi Johanne
    I’ve been reading your bog and find it very informative. I’m almost at prestart, building in Perth. Intend putting in solid French oak for the floors. Were you happy with your installer, Auswood?

    • Hi Beng, In the end our flooring job by Auswood seems to be good, however I was not particularly pleased with the length of time that the job took, especially given that we were already residing in our house. They had more than one job on at once, and many days only one member of the team was at work on our job. Also, there was some damage to paintwork, requiring repaint. The floor itself is good. Thanks for reading.

  8. Beng says:

    One of the installers I contacted suggested leaving the final coat of paint till after installation of the floor but that’s not going to happen as I don’t see the builder agreeing to it. I’ve got Auswood and a couple of others on my shortlist. Your floor looks great.

    And loved the cobblestone driveway.

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