Old furniture meets new house.

Open living area.

Smitten with our House By The Water.

Our boxes and furniture arrived.  The kitchen boxes took me a full weekend to unpack and I’ve declared a ban on any further kitchenware purchases.  Our plentiful kitchen storage is full.

Kitchen bench, caesarstone.

Alpine Mist Caesarstone and the splash back tile dilemma, well and truly resolved.  Pot stand made by my Nan.

This 3 day weekend, my mission is to clear the house of all the other boxes.  I’m spurred on by a special request from a South African reader for photos of our void area and by the impending arrival of an important guest, Aunty Kate.

Our living room (with void) is furnished temporarily with old furniture:

Living area void.

View of our living area from the second floor.

Living area.

I have big plans for this living area, but I have to be patient.  In the end, practicality won over lust and I’ve ordered this sofa:

Lazio Daybed.

Lazio Daybed by Weylandts.

The sofa is coming from South Africa and is due to arrive in May.  I’m taking that to mean July, because everything seems to arrive later than advertised.  (Hello?  Bed I ordered in December.  Shutters I ordered in October.  Are you there?)  When the sofa arrives, I shall borrow some rug samples from Frisky Deer and will select a rug to complement the new sofa and the “I.O.U. artwork” that is yet to be purchased following a conspicuous birthday a certain time ago.

I’m only half way through my box emptying spree, but I feel like showing off our living area.  I’ve earned a short break…

Open living area.

Open living area.

Through the chaos of the week, I’ve enjoyed finding little spots that give me pleasure.  Honestly, everything looks better with timber floors:

And finally, a preview of our powder room:

Clamshell Caesarstone.

The arty-farty version. Clamshell Caesarstone.

Powder room.

The real version.

14 thoughts on “Old furniture meets new house.

    • Thank you! We have been glamping in our new house since December! The timber floors went in around us – not the best idea. So many things are now sawdust stained and we are still waiting on window dressings. Better than paying rent elsewhere though.

  1. joan55555 says:

    Those two couches have lovely lines and would re-upholster beautifully. Are they destined for the upstairs sitting room? I know that their many journeys around the world have worn them out a little but is there another decade in those cushions?

  2. …now the Rubix is alive and complete, the interior décor is awesome, loving them color scheme big time. I think a switch in career to Interior decorator or property developer will suite you very well.

    Thumbs up to the project well done, and ta for posting more of the Void space pics!!!

  3. Africadayz says:

    Jo, this is all looking absolutely gorgeous and I am fascinated that you ordered your sofa from Weylandts! That’s so great. I never imagine our products being ordered by ‘overseas’ people for some reason. And you’re right, everything looks better with wooden floors. Do you have any plans for the ‘chimney wall’ in your double volume area? We have an interesting artist here called Abe Opperman; check him out. I can just imagine one of his ‘double volume sized’ pieces on that wall. This part if really fun and I look forward to seeing more pictures of your furnished spaces. Jacqui from Homeinthemaking.

    • Spot on with that art, Jacqui. I love it. Black and white is just what I’m after too. I’m planning a very large piece of indigenous art for the wall behind the sofa. I’m not sure if art above the fire place will work, will wait and see.

  4. Looks awesome Jo. Love that void and the wood flooring is amazing 👍
    You have definitely chosen some great colours there.
    How’s the cobble stones coming along?

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