On becoming a shop snob and DIY as therapy.

Girls room.

With the benefit of Instagram filters.

Having just survived a sleepover party for six almost-10-years-old girls, the only thing I can do this afternoon is laze on the sofa.    The second Little Pig and I glammed up her room a bit with some matching doona covers.  I ordered them online since I’ve had no time to shop.  That was a mistake.  While the doonas themselves are quite lovely, they are not the colour that they appear online (nor in the hard copy advertising of the product sent along with my order).  So the various pinks in the room clash.

Doona cover.

New doona cover, modelled by Evita.

The Nice Wolf says I should have learned by now.  Helpful.  I’ll probably do it again.  I’m afraid I’ve developed shop snobbery, an unpleasant side effect of several years of online interiors “research”.  There’s only one local shop that satisfies my snobbery, so if I can’t find it at Frisky Deer, I look online. There is the argument that buying better quality products than the average Kmart product may pay off in the long term, but when it comes to bed linen I’m not sure that it’s true.  I pick on Kmart because I recently got all excited over Kmart’s new industrial style lockers.  Just what I was searching for to put in my son’s room.  The excitement ended as soon as I saw the product, so small and looking as though it would barely make the trip home let alone stand up to the hardship of housing a 6 year old boy’s daily clothes.

Shop snobbery is an expensive addiction that I’m trying to control.  To curb my habit, I’ve taken up some DIY.  Inspired and instructed by Maya from House Nerd, I dared to drill a hole in a brand new wall.  At first, I thought I was no good at it, but then Nice Wolf replaced my inferior drill piece included in a kit, with a decent drill piece and away I went.


Bathroom hooks.

Bathroom hooks.

I was on a roll with 3 wall hooks mounted, only to be halted by some electric wires.  According to my wire detector, my whole wall around my bed head is filled with electric wires!  Exactly where I want to put a bracket for my much-loved pendant light.   Back to the drawing board.

Not to be defeated, I took up rendering.  With a couple of YouTube lessons and some advice from the Nice Wolf under my belt, I set about to hide the neighbour’s brick fence.   The Nice Wolf made me a concrete mix in the mixer.  He was laying cobblestones (forever….) while I rendered the wall.  I donned some gloves, put the grouting gizmos (technical term) in my hands and hoped for the best.


I am not a perfectionist.  Some may shiver at my amateur efforts, but I am rather pleased with this wall so far.  I plan to paint the wall once the rainy days disappear, then plant a row of pleached pears or lilly pillies in front.

The professional landscapers installed our outdoor lights.  They look WOW!  They bloody well should, too.  (Dad, cover your eyes…)  They cost $7000, or about $500 a pop, on average.  My night time photography is blah, but trust me that my 3 coastal banksias, lit up at night, look fantastic and as for the copper step lights?   See for yourself.

We are, as always, progressing slowly.  I really, really, really hope that next time I blog, our landscapers, Tim Davis Landscaping, will be finished their scope of work.  They still have the pool to finish, a couple of fences to install, a bench seat to deck and a few bits of tidying up to go.  Honestly, they’ve been incredibly slow.  I can’t blame them in this rainy weather, but they did start last December.

9 thoughts on “On becoming a shop snob and DIY as therapy.

  1. I am so impressed by your DIY skills – I am absolutely hopeless with a drill and I’m sure my better half hides it so I won’t be tempted!
    That is a looooong time for landscaping even taking into account the weather – very frustrating.
    I like the idea of a wire detector – a good pressie. We did take lots of photos of wiring during the build but it saves trawling through the photos to find them.
    Looking great Jo 😀

  2. Bruna Evans says:

    Inspiring , Jo! With all the DIY jobs I have done, have never trusted myself with a drill! Wall looks good! Hi to all. xx

  3. Yay Johanne!! This made my day! Your bathroom looks awesome with those hooks – very nice. I feel so personally proud that I have inspired you, haha 🙂 You’ve inspired me with the rendering – we still have a side exterior wall of the house that needs rendering. I think I’ll have to give it a good go now.

  4. Africadayz says:

    Loved this post, Jo. The wall rendering is a great idea. And well done on surviving that sleep-over…. If you can manage that, you can mange anything!

  5. trixee says:

    I can relate to shop snobbery, it’s a depressing affliction. I’ve tried so many times to get K-Mart/Target but I often leave disappointed. Our landscaping is costing a bucket, even though we’e doing most things ourselves.
    By the way, your cats are gorgeous! They would also look good in my house. Just saying.

  6. That’s our daughter! Won’t tell you what your father said about outdoor lighting costs. I’ll send him round to do some paving for you if the Nice Wolf gets too busy. 🛥 Have fun with that drill.

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