House By The Water – The Movie.

Every spare moment has been spent in the garden lately.  Planting, reticulation, lawn preparation, mulching and cobblestones, of course…  No time at all for blogging.  We’re on a mission.  Guests are coming for Christmas.

 Fortunately, the “House By The Water” videos, made by our builders, are ready.  You can enjoy a little chat in our kitchen and living room instead of reading a post.  There are two short videos.  Click on the pictures below to view.  I don’t think I’ll take up vlogging, but it was fun to do this once.



10 thoughts on “House By The Water – The Movie.

  1. Africadayz says:

    Hi Jo, I’ve just watched the videos and I loved them. Well done! The house looks absolutely fabulous. I hope you will keep writing. Isn’t is amazing how the ‘threat’ of house guests gets one busy finishing off things and adding final touches?

  2. May says:

    Hi Jo – what a superb job you have done!!! Your home looks magnificient. Another career for you perhaps. Wishing you, Igor and the kids lots of happy times in your “heavenly home sweet home”.

  3. joan55555 says:

    I hope you sit back and play the clip over and over…it is a beautiful home created by you and your team
    Ps feel free to blog our new project…. 16 hours of site works by the earthmover began 2 days ago. Currently looking a beautiful mess!

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