Colour selections

This page is where you’ll find my selections of tiles, bench tops, laminate surfaces, paint, etc., room by room.  Creating this page has made me nervous.  Selections that I felt confident about in the showrooms in natural light, I am not happy with on my computer, but I’m going to trust my eyes instead of my screen.

I’ve added links to make it easier to find more information about each room.


Front facade and yard.

Front facade and yard.

  • Roof and garage door: Colourbond Surfmist
  • Exterior paint:  Dulux grey pebble
  • Feature paint (trims): Dulux calf skin
  • Cobblestone driveway:  Endicott
  • Feature stone: Shale country ledgestone
  • Patio floor: Batu decking.
  • Screen door: by Entanglements.
  • Plants: mostly edible (olive and lemon trees, rosemary, sage, etc.)
  • Vegetable garden:  Old railway sleepers?

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Interior paint selections will be made when the house is nearing completion, using sample pots of colour, painted onto movable boards.  (Thank you “M” for that tip!)  For the purposes of this exercise, I’ve used Solver’s “feather dawn”.

Kitchen and scullery:Kitchen moodpboard

  • Floor:  NSW Blackbutt timber.
  • Splash back tile:  Masia gris clark, with grey grout, $96/sqm.
  • Caesarstone bench top: Alpine Mist.
  • Cabinets:  Classic white sheen (polytec)

Scullery mood board

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  • Floor tile:  Harlem Heifer, semi polished.  $52/sqm.  Edit: discontinued.  Replaced with similar tile.
  • Wall tile:  Matt white
  • Laminex bench top: Terresphere Spark
  • Cabinets:  Classic white (Polytec)

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Powder room:Powder room mood board

  • Floor tile:  Fusion Terre in Sogetto.  Porcelain.  $253/sqm.  (Splurge!  Lucky it’s a small room.)
  • Wall tile:  Matt white
  • Caesarstone bench top: Clamshell
  • Cabinets:  Classic white (Polytec)
    Tile and bench.

    Double checking how the floor tile and Caesarstone bench top look together.

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Ensuite Bathroom:


  • Floor and feature wall tile:  Archstone Chelsea, rectified.  (Much lighter looking in reality.)
  • Wall tile:  Off white (not shown).  $52/sqm.
  • Caesarstone bench top: Snow
  • Cabinets:  Laminex Blackbutt Wave timber veneer

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Kids’ bathroom:Kids' bathroom

  • Floor tile:  Archstone Chelsea, rectified.
  • Wall tile:  Casa white, polished.  $52/sqm.
  • Caesarstone bench top: Snow (looking rather skin-pink here…)
  • Cabinets:  Classic white (polytec), with Select Beech Laminex feature.
    Kids' bathroom selections.

    Kids’ bathroom selections.

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28 thoughts on “Colour selections

  1. It looks lovely and calm, I love the colour schemes and careful matching. Just one little note (from experience) on your kitchen metro tiles: I often advise to use grey grout. It doesn’t have to be dark. White grout is very hard to keep clean and fresh looking, grey is understated but more practical… 🙂

    • Thanks for the tip Katie. I did consider grey grout, but I liked the white better. The assistant in the tile shop told me that I could treat the white grout with a sealer which might help. I will review this now that you’ve mentioned it.

  2. trixee says:

    Love it! The kitchen is my favourite – love the grey tile with the caesarstone calacatta marble, and the pendants! A very calming, modern look. I’m also liking the floor tiles in the kids’ bathroom. And the Snow doesn’t look at all pink on my monitor.

  3. Love all your selections – great idea to use the moodboards. I’ll have to check that tool out myself, as I struggle to visualise the ‘big picture’. Re old railway sleepers for the veggie garden – have you seen these? (image 5 – they are made from concrete but are made to look like old sleepers) I’m all about the low-maintenance fakes! LOVE the subway tiles and also the Endicott driveway. I must find a way to incorporate some stone into our place. Gorgeous.

  4. I’ve just pinned those. Thanks for the tip. I’m a little nervous about the grey subway tiles… it’s a bit of a risk. We’ll see. More on the cobblestone driveway in next week’s post. (Builder’s quote means we’ll be doing this later. Big $$$$. Makes the retaining wall cost look good!)

    • Yikes. Why do they have to go and spoil the fun with their ridiculous *costs*?! Our driveway is nearly 80m2 including the crossover so I think I’ll have to do some research into affordable driveway materials, if such things exist…

  5. hazatude says:

    I love your site and of course your plans & moodboards/colours! I’m a fan of your layout and how practical it looks. If only our lot was deep rather then wide. Oh well we deal with what we have 🙂 I’m looking forward reading more of your blog!

  6. Your colours are lovely, and not too different to ours. Peaceful and natural.
    I love the appearance of your blog too – colour and style. Well done! Mine has been going for ages and could do with a make-over to make it more visually interesting.

  7. Procrastinator :) says:

    Hi johanne
    just found yr blog after 1000 times & more looking 4 colours styles render etc etc … wot a breath of fresh air to see someone else like me and so close too 🙂 I had to laugh at yr pics are in my files we hav similar taste. We r building our long awaited house in east port wannanap I say long because it has been !!! I too have a very patient man 🙂 but not much longer. I hav prestart in a week & after a year i have to make my final decisions !! Goin crazy
    this should b fun???

    • Glad you found my blog Procrastinator! Sorry I’m slow to reply. I was on holidays when you commented. I must come and study the jetties in Wannanup next time I’m in town. Like Port Mandurah, you can accommodate sail boats. Who are you building with? I’d love to follow along with your build too.

  8. Brooke says:

    Wow Johanne! How very exciting to have your final selections locked in to place! Loving all your choices but especially your powder room.. Those tiles will look amazing!

    We too opted for NSW blackbutt so if you wanted to see the finished product layed, feel free to come by and have a look.
    We receive keys this week and can not begin to tell you how thrilled we are with our home!!

    Before you know it, it will be your turn!!

    • Thanks Brooke and I’m so glad to hear you are thrilled with your home. Who is laying your floors and how long due you expect it to take? We already have a preferred quote for our blackbutt but we are not locked in yet. I’d love to see your floors, but I’m in Brazil! Let me know if you have a photo I can see sometime. Congratulations on your new house.

  9. MalSannie says:

    Hi Johanne – I love old railway sleepers but I’ve heard it is not a good idea for veg garden because of the chemicals it has been treated with. I have them in my little garden, and on sunny days it leaches out tar and creosote and the grass won’t grow next to it. Also nasty if you step on it by mistake – and step it into your home. The stone replica ones are probably a much better idea and they look great, I’m about to pin them too!

    • Hi MalSannie. Nice to “see” you on my blog. I didn’t know that about railway sleepers so I’m glad you mentioned it. I’m not a fan of the stone/concrete replicas, but I did see “eco sleepers” used by the “garden angels” in a video about making veggie gardens the other day. I can’t find the link now, but they looked good.

  10. Candice says:

    Hi Johanne, I am in love with your selections. I am just curious as to what colours you picked for the window frames and entry door? Also did you consider Colorbond Dune instead of Calf skin?

    • Hi Candice, Thanks for your comment. I just showed our builder’s interior designer a house of theirs that I like the colours of, and she suggested the exterior colours. Calf Skin does look a lot like Dune, but I didn’t think of that! Our window frames will be “white lustre”. We are getting a timber framed, glass front door and will fit a fancy security screen door. The facade colours are one of the few things I haven’t overthought! The idea is too stay light, to avoid highlighting the boxy shape of the house

  11. Zoe says:

    Hi House by the Waterers. Just found your beautiful blog; your house is looking gorgeous. I’m vicariously picking colours through you! I love Southwards and Kitty Grey wall colours and will have one of these.. I think.. But my current dilemma is internal doors and frames. I’m thinking Solver First Snow. What do you guys have?

  12. Gemma says:

    Hello! I love the look of the Alpine Mist and your tile choice for the splashback in the kitchen. We have chosen Alpine Mist for our benchtop. I just wanted to confirm your final tile choice was; “Masia gris clark, with grey grout”? Thanks so much for confirming!

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