House Plans

Our “house by the water” will be based on the “Rubix” plan by builders Webb and Brown-Neaves.  We played with the standard plan for a few months, making adjustments to suit our site, taste and family size.  The most obvious change we made is to the roof line.  We’ve selected a “coastal elevation” which softens the look of the house.  Other changes include increasing the size of the dining room window, changing sliding doors to stacking doors, changing the design of the kitchen bench to accommodate 5 stools and turning the study into a 4th bedroom.  We also added a laundry chute, an external door to the powder room (for poolside access), a 900mm freestanding oven, space for a chest freezer, and provision for future gas fireplace, gas to the alfresco dining area and water for an outdoor shower.

(Edit.  Floor plans removed for privacy reasons.  Sorry!)

What we love about this plan:

  • The void space above the living area.
  • Open, rear living.
  • Plenty of windows to the canal view.
  • An indulgent kitchen space, including the scullery.
  • Plenty of space to add storage/cabinetry to rooms later.
  • Plenty of room left on the block to enjoy the outdoors.

Site plan:

Site plan

Site plan – plenty of room to entertain and play outdoors.

Rear landscape plan (canal side):

Landscape plans

25 thoughts on “House Plans

  1. Jack says:

    Hay I love the changes you have made as my partner n I are building the rubi on the canals I was wondering who u built with?

  2. I love the scullery idea! I tried to incorporate it a scullery into our design, but it just wasn’t going to work with the rest of the house. Lovely sized home. Look forward to following the build!

  3. Janie says:

    So excited for you all and I love the plan! I came across your blog while helping a family member plan their new home on the Port Geographe Canals. Have you considered waterside storage for the Big Nice Wolf’s boating accessories and the three little pigs kayaks, dinghy etc

    • Hi Janie! Yes we have a canal side store specifically designed to fit the surf skis! (I will update this page with the landscaping plans.) I hope you will drop by on your boat sometime. Are you sailing now? Any jetty tips for us? Jo

      • Janie says:

        Jetty tips : run power and water to the jetty or make an allowance for it during the house build. Consider the length of boat you wish to moor and ensure the jetty design suits the access egress points for the boat. We have a fixed timber jetty that we are allowing to weather to grey – on purpose.

        Yes we are sailing… we have been on board since April this year and we are presently on our way back to Darwin after exploring the amazing coastlines of Groote Eylandt and the Wessel Islands. Janie

  4. Paul Bradshaw says:

    Hi Johanne, im looking at blocks in Port Mandurah. 16 front to 18 rear. 44m 800sq.
    Is this a custom home?
    I like WBN but quite expensive. Could you advise approx budget for something of this grandure..
    Thanks and good good luck

    • Hello Paul. Very wise of you to ask now! We bought our block before properly understanding the cost of building. Our house is not a custom design. A link to the”Rubix” design is in the text, WBN give base prices on their website. The base price is for Rubix is $610K. (I notice this has not changed in almost 2 years despite suggestions to the contrary!) To this you must add site costs, in our case an extra 20% without doing anything fancy. See this post for details:
      Add a few fancy bits (a different roofline, bricked and rendered retaining walls, stacked stone cladding at the entrance and a few minor changes inside) and we are already nearly at $800K. (Are you choking yet?) Then after handover the floors, air con and landscaping need to be done. Not to mention a jetty. Depending on your choices, you won’t have much change from $1M and could easily go over this. It’s about double the figure we had in our ignorant thoughts when we bought our block. Good luck to you too.

  5. Andy Brady says:

    Great Blog, I love reading it. I have found WBN to be competitive in pricing if you take into account everything that is included. I compared two other builders and I found that the other builders were leaving allot out of the quote to only have to include it later.
    I found WBN to be honest upfront and that allowed me to manage my budget more correctly.
    I also used their finance guys at Resolve. As a package a great experience.

    • Thank you Andy! I’d love to know what you built/are building. I hope to be able to say “a great experience” at the end of our build. My biggest concern right now is being 2 months behind schedule.

  6. Hi johanne
    Love your blog, my friend sent it to me. Did you have a picture of your elevation anywhere? I would love to see an alternative elevation on this house as it is so contemporary and wouldn’t suit my area. I’ve actually never seen this display but the pics look nice. Just wondering who your sales person was at WBN, we are trying to decide between two very different consultants and would love any feedback. Thanks for blogging, Candice

  7. Andy Brady says:

    Hi Guys

    I used a sales person at WBN by the name of Andrew McLoughlin. Easy to deal with and knows his stuff. He’s not a high pressure sales guy either. Not sure if I can post his number or email though. Call their offices and ask for him.

    Andy B

    • I still think the Rubix is a good choice in house plan. Proof will be when we move in. One thing I realised too late, was that the fireplace hearth seen in the display home photos did not make it onto our house plans. Now we are hearthless!! (Ha, ha. I must use that for a blog post title!) Good luck with everything and feel free to compare notes. I am in contact with quite a few other WBN customers.

  8. Andy Brady says:

    Hi Johanne

    We discussed the fireplace with Andrew and for the amount of times we would actually use the fire, I would get better use with my surround sound set up (Boys toys).

    I spoke to Andrew this morning about his details and as you would expect he is happy for me to share them with whoever wants to discuss building a new home.

    Andrew McLoughlin
    040316 64 63

    Have a great day


  9. Sean says:

    Hi there, now that you have been living in the design for a while, how are you finding the void over the living area? Any concerns over lighting, acoustics or warmth/cooling? We are considering a similar sort of void over a lounge area which I think looks great, but not sure about the practical side of it.


    • Hi Sean, I ‘m very happy with the sense of space our void provides. In terms of heating I think,in our climate,it is inconsequential. (Our expanse of windows without double glazing is another story. In terms of natural cooling we are finding it helpful as airflow is good. Regarding lighting, we could benefit from adding down lights above the living area, where now we only have a single pendant light. We are currently supplementing it at night with a floor lamp. Acoustics can be an issue when we have a large number of people in the living area. I’m not sure if it would be any better in the absence of a void space. All up, for our location/climate, I recommend a void.

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