Home makeover – before and after photos.

In the pursuit of a beautiful house, I’ve recently seen many pictures of clever home renovations, often preceded by uninspiring “before” pictures.  In fact, I spend hours on end looking at gorgeous houses and planning my own.  I am acutely aware that my design and aesthetic dilemmas are, as they say, “first world problems”.  House dreaming is part of my survival strategy, living in a place where I’m one of very few foreigners and where most of the population is poor.  Most of the time we are insulated from reminders of poverty and to be truthful, it is a conscious decision to avoid it.

Last weekend my husband’s workplace organised a working bee for employees and their families to help out some ladies in the community.  Much to my delight, we were invited to participate in a home makeover!  The “senhoras” live in the rough equivalent of a hostel, or an “old folks’ home”, as they are sometimes called.  This is not my usual blog story.  It’s my way of saying that even though I may write at length about topics as trivial as tile colour or the number of pendant lights for the kitchen bench, I haven’t forgotten the big picture – I’m just taking a little break from it.


The “Senhoras of Charity” in their communal living area.



(After being on “damage control” duties for an hour while our 3 children wielded rollers covered in grey paint, we moved on to the more risk-adverse task of sanding and painting old plant stands.)


What a lovely way to spend a few hours on a weekend.  Next week, normal posts resume with a post all about trees for landscaping.

(All photos thanks to Alumar.)