The Scullery

Our kitchen is going to be fairly spick and span.  In theory.  But I love to bake, and the Nice Wolf doesn’t mind getting in touch with his inner Frenchman either.  So I want a space where we can let it all hang out, have everything at our fingertips and make a lovely, floury mess.  Introducing the scullery!  Otherwise known as a butlers pantry, the scullery sits behind the kitchen.  It will be also be the place to hide the dirty pots, out of view from the main living area.

My scullery inspiration:


Essential floating shelves.  Source: Remodelista.

Farmhouse kitchen

Source: Vintage house.

Kitchen shelving

Simple and useful. Our subway tiles will be light grey. Source: Our House.

I know, all a bit samey, just different degrees of rusticness.  (I hope you enjoyed those two new words.)  At least I know what I like.  Some floating wooden shelves and a couple of potted herbs is all I need to get started.   I already have the vintage scales, wooden chopping boards and Kitchen Aid mixer.

Here’s the basic layout of our scullery as shown in the display home:

Photos from Webb and Brown-Neaves.

That’s more than 3 metres of extra cake-baking heaven!  We will install our own open shelves for easy access to baking staples and some hooks and racks for our favourite tools.  My Kitchen Aid mixer will have pride of place, but…..da, da, da, daah (insert “wrong answer” sound effect) – it’s red!  For many years my favourite colour was red.  I have lots of lovely Le Creuset pots and pans in red and a matching mixer.  Now my favourite colour is not red!  I am considering painting my mixer a neutral colour, but Aunty Kate strongly advises me against it.

My scullery:Scullery mood board


  • Floor:  NSW Blackbutt timber.
  • Splash back tile:  Vogue grigio gloss, subway tile size with white grout.
  • Caesarstone bench top: Alpine Mist.
  • Cabinets:  Classic white sheen (polytec)
  • Antique kitchen scales.
  • Well glass pendant light from Dunlin.

To finish my post, for Deb at “Deb’s Dream Home“, I’ve been trying to imagine the first thing that I’ll make in my brand new scullery.  My first thought is macarons – but in reality, when we first move in, life is going to be chaotic and macarons are not going to be a priority, so I’m going with home-made pizza or pasta!

Do you have a scullery?

What’s the first thing you cooked in your new kitchen?

And, should I paint my Kitchen Aid mixer another colour?