The Characters

The Narrator:

That’s me.  Owner of half a mortgage.  Chief in charge of dreaming, pinterest and the scrap book.

First Little Pig:

3 years old.  He is completely oblivious to any house building plans.  His key role is to learn to swim before house building completion.

Second Little Pig:  

6 years old.  Our materials expert.  She has studied “The Three Little Pigs” and their tragic house building tales for weeks.  She thinks we should build our house out of bricks.

Third Little Pig:

8 years old.  Lives in a sty most of the time.  Has been browsing bedroom designs for girls and seems to have an obsession for drawers.

The Nice Wolf:

Owner of the other half of the mortgage.  Amateur handyman.  Dreams of docking a boat to a jetty in front of the blank block – never mind the house.  Only huffs and puffs occasionally.

Aunty Kate:

Completely unqualified interior design advisor but seems to have impeccable taste.  She does not live with the 3 little pigs, nice wolf and narrator but has threatened to move in once the new house is built.

The second little pig's house plan, nicely sited on the block.

The second little pig’s house plan, nicely sited on the block.

15 thoughts on “The Characters

  1. Aunty Kate is living through the Narrator, and is looking forward to sharing her many, many opinions throughout the build and a glass of wine (or three!) at house by the water. Will start pinning guest room ideas! xx

  2. Do I get to make unwanted/ non qualified comments? bottle or few will be at the ready with sympathetic ear when you start building. I
    expect 3 pigs to be cheerleaders when we paddle past.

    • John Spears says:

      Hi Johanne Love the Blog! What do you do for work? I can see you have worked all over the world and looks really exciting.

    • Thanks Maya. I love “House Nerd” too. I hope you keep reading and commenting because I’ve noticed you have your “finger on the pulse” with this house stuff. I think we share a tile obsession – let me know if find a good local supplier of especially beautiful tiles in W.A.

  3. Somehow the tab ‘Characters’ escaped me until now. I love it. I fancy myself as an aged Goldilocks who comes for porridge and a sleepover or two. Considering recent blogs, I think there is a role for Phil as the woodcutter.

  4. Ha ha! Your mum is very funny too. Impressive house plans by the 6 year old! Looks to have all the elements… maybe you have a future architect on your hands?

  5. Nice blog. I landed here looking for info on sea container homes. Is the City of Mandurah off limits to sea container homes? I haven’t found anything about them in that area?

    PS- your home plans look great! Hope it all turns out as you wish… 🙂

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