Time Line

Scullery sink

Sink and tap. December 10th.

(Time line contains links to relevant posts.)


December:    Purchased block.


January:        First contact with sales person from Webb and Brown Neaves.

June:              Preliminary plans agreement made and 3% deposit paid.

October:        Contract signed.


January:        Prestart meeting (select fittings, tiles, colours, etc.).

March:           Prices for variations presented.

March:           Final review of plans and addenda.

May:               Signed variations and final plans.

July:                Siteworks commenced. (3 months)

August:           Retaining walls started and completed.

August:           Concrete pool shell formed.

September:    Siteworks completed.

October 23:    Slab poured.

November 25?:  Ground floor brickwork (~2 weeks)


January 29:    Suspended slab poured.

February 24:  Second level brickwork.  (~7 weeks)

April 21:          Roof carpentry (~1.5 weeks)

May 8:             Roof cover on. (1 week).

June 11:           External cladding (carpenter).

June 19?:        External render first floor (9 weeks!).

July 7:             Interior plaster float started.  First floor white set completed Sep 4th.

Aug 10:           Ceilings fixed and cornices, first floor (2 weeks).

Oct 14:           Ground floor ceilings plastered (2 days).

Oct 19:           Internal white set, first layer external render (5 days).

Oct 23:          Ground floor windows.

Nov 2:           Lockup (according to the accounts department).

Nov 10:         Tiling started.

Nov 10:         External texture (final) layer of render ground floor.

Nov 12:         Grano garage floor.  Cabinets (2 days).

Nov 16:         Painting (3 weeks).

Nov 27:         Bench tops installed.

Dec 5:            Lights

Dec 7 – 11:     Sinks, taps, shower screens, mirrors, robes, insulation.

Dec 18:         Handover and PCI.


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